April 10th POST

April 4th. We have had difficulty converting the Video file from CBS 19 into a file that we can upload.  For now here is the link to their website and video archives so you can see an abbreviated version.  If we get the file converted they have given us permission to use the video, and we will post it.


April 5th.  We found this photo particularly ironic!


April 6th.  We had hoped that construction crews would be here today to start shoring up the roof in the damaged kitchen area so that investigators could comb through the wreckage to determine the cause of the fire but, they did not show.

April 7th.  Still no crews but we did get the engineers report determining where the structural supports need to be placed to make the area safe for investigators.  Here are some photos that you may not have seen yet because they are from the most heavily damaged areas that no one is supposed to enter.

Back storeroom Back hallway in kitchen

This is the back storeroom and the hallway to the back door in kitchen.

Kitchen office Breakroom

This is the kitchen office and the employee break room.

Inside cooler2 Inside cooler

This is inside the walk-in cooler where you can see that the ceiling has collapsed and the refrigeration unit is resting on the steel shelving.

April 8th.  Still no crews but, we have been told that investigators WILL be here tomorrow.  The weather forecast calls for rain later this week so we decide to cover the holes in the roof where the a/c units came off and caulk under the temporary wall to prevent water from running into the undamaged part of the building.  The restoration crew declares the front half of the building dry, packs up their equipment and leaves.

April 9th.  Nobody showed up.  They said they had to order a delivery of steel before crews can start work.  We begin to clean up the front half of the restaurant.  These next photos show before and after our efforts.

After cleaning1 100_0410

April 10th.  We continue cleanup in the font office, waiting room, cashier area, and bathrooms.  Maybe the steel and the crews to shore up the roof will be here Monday?  We will keep you posted!


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  1. Cheril Says:

    You can use the embed code to place the video on your blog.

    On the video, click the little envelope picture. Then choose the “Grab” option. Copy the embed code it gives you.

    Then go to your blog. When you “write” a post, you should have a choice between “visual” or “html.” Choose “html.” Then “paste” the embed code you copied.

    Publish your post and it should appear. Let me know at community@palestineherald.com if you need help.

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