April 15th

April 13th.  We were supposed to have a construction crew here this morning with steel and manpower to begin shoring up the roof above the damaged kitchen so that investigators could get inside safely to determine the cause of the fire and release the site for demolition and reconstruction.  Didn’t happen. We spent the day cleaning the front half of the building.  Only bright side to the day was that the restoration crew came back with their equipment and began to remove the soot and smoke damage.

100_0469 100_0470100_0471

 April14th.  The steel arrives!! We have the steel that they will use to prop up the roof above the damaged section of the kitchen so that the investigators can safely work in that area to determine the cause of the fire.  This is a major step forward!  The restoration crew continues to work in the front half of the building removing the smoke damage.  They tell us there wil be 20 to 30 people here tomorrow!

100_0473 100_0475

April 15th.  Three engineers, two welders, three construction crew, an insurance investigator, 25 restoration crew members, a new even bigger dumpster,  all of us, and a Fire Marshall show up to work before 10 in the morning!  All we need now is a partridge in a pear tree! There are so many vehicles in the parking lot that it looks like we are open for business!


Everyone meets and tours the damaged area to agree on a plan to support the roof safely.  By noon the welders are welding, the engineers are still engineering, but they HAVE agreed that we may start removing equipment from the kitchen.  HOORAY!  Now we are making PROGRESS! 

100_0474 100_0481

Tomorrow is supposed to be a big day!  The construction crew is meeting us at 7am to begin installing the supports that they have fabricated.  We are supposed to continue removing equipment from the kitchen.  It promises to be a GOOD day!

We really appreciate all of you that have stopped by to check out this blog!  We will do our very best to keep it current and, as entertaining as possible.  Sorry but current technology does not, however, support Chips and Hot Sauce sent to you online through your PC.  We are working on it.  Please feel free to comment at any time.  We try to read the comments daily.

Thanks again!


2 Responses to “April 15th”

  1. Charmaine Wilkinson Says:

    Richard, Once you can get the chips and hot sauce to us via the internet, the next thing you need to work on is getting the enchiladas, tacos and nachos through. Cant wait for the new and improved Little Mexico!

  2. Laura Upshaw Says:

    I almost cried today when I found out about Little Mexico burning (I live in Dallas now). Little Mexico opened when my mother was pregnant with me so I’ve been eating there my entire life. Can’t wait to have chips and hot sauce again!

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