April 17th Post

April 16th.  The construction crew and welders arrive at 7am to begin installing the massive steel support columns inside the damaged area.  They also are putting braces on the outside of the walls to prevent collapse.  We continue removing equipment from the kitchen area to store it for refurbishing if possible and to make room for the crews to install supports.  The restoration people working in the dining area say they should be finished tomorrow!

100_0511 100_0513


Man are these steam kettles HEAVY!


April 17th.  Things are going well most of the morning.  ATF arrives with a fire forensics dog who will enter the building to search for the cause of the fire.  We are told that we must remain outside while the dog works.

100_0517 100_0519

100_0520 100_0521

ATF and the Fire Marshall finish inside and we can get back to work but, lightning brings a halt to the welding because they do not want to be holding on to a steel column during a storm.  (can’t really blame them!) Then the rain begins to fall.  The restoration crew in the front of the building is trying to continue working but there is so much water coming in from the back that they finally admit defeat for the day.  The welders are supposed to be back in the morning to continue the bracing(weather permitting).  We will update as soon as we have something new to report.

Charmaine,  We promise we are working on it!

Contrary to popular rumor, We ARE NOT moving to Buffalo!


5 Responses to “April 17th Post”

  1. Brandi Says:

    My grandmother painted some of the decorative items inside Little Mexico ( a bull, a senorita, and some other items), and she was wondering if any of them were saved, and will they be used again once the repairs have been made. Thanks, and I hope that the weather soon allows for more work to be completed.

  2. Sandy & George H Says:

    It is so good to at least see things are progressing. We are eagerly awaiting your reopening.

  3. Chris & Tabbie Says:

    okay Richard…glad to see things are moving along…its time for chips and dip…haven’t you found a way to send it via internet??? just kidding… can;t wait till you guys are up and running again

  4. Dana Says:

    Awwww! Us Little Mexico fans in Buffalo can only WISH that rumor were true!!!! But we’ll still drive to Palestine when you’re in business again! Count on it!

  5. Don and Debbie Says:

    Hey Richard,
    Alto is starving for Little Mexico, some are going through MAJOR WITHDRAWAL!! Glad everything is going great, see you when you reopen.

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