April 25th Post

April18th.  Welders were here most of today fabricating the large columns necessary to support the HUGE beams that they intend to place above the damaged area to support the roof from further collapse.  We are supposed to have rain overnight.  Hopefully we have sufficiently protected the front half of the building!

April 19th.  Our efforts to prevent water from entering the dining rooms were less than successful.  We spent most of the morning after church removing water from the undamaged areas.  The restoration crew is supposed to be here tomorrow to re-install dehumidifiers and blowers to aid in drying things out yet again.

April 20th.  A load of SERIOUS steel arrives and the welders begin stiffening the giant beams that will support the roof.  The restoration crew puts all of their equipment back in place to dry us out after the rain.  One thing we noted while it was raining over the weekend was exactly WHERE the roof was leaking and, we hope to place large plastic cans under the worst spots to prevent flooding.


April 21st.  The welders and construction crew continue fabrication and installation of the columns supporting the overhead beams.  People have been stopping by because they have noticed all of the activity and think that the rebuild has started.  Palestine fire department brings Tower One back out so that the investigators can look at the roof from above.

 100_0526 100_0525

Wonder what it looks like from up there?

100_0530 100_0533

100_0534 100_0529

April 22nd. The welders are working furiously to complete stiffening the beams, attaching the cables and preparing for the crane from 5J Trucking to arrive tomorrow to set the beams in place.  The construction crew has finished the support columns and with the help of Fire Marshall Alan Wilcher and the lead forensic investigator from the insurance company, they clear areas in the most damaged rooms to set the footing for the 20 foot tall columns that will protrude from the roof.

100_0544 100_0536

April 23rd. The crane from 5J arrives shortly before lunch and the steel starts flying in the high winds.  These guys are really good!  Everything lines up and fits within fractions of an inch, is welded in place and, shortly before dark, the welders wrap up their cables for the last time and head for the house after a day that started at 6:45 am.  All that remains to do is attach the cables to the damaged roof.  We all think that the resulting structure looks like we have intalled a traveling crane to load groceries into the building! LOL

100_0540 100_0546


April 24th.  The last of the cables are attached to the damaged roof supports and the shoring and bracing crew Bids us adios and departs.  The roof is now secure and there is no danger of further collapse.  The next step is the investigation into the cause of the fire.  We are supposed to get rain again this weekend.  Hopefully we have identified most of the leaky spots so clean-up will be quicker.


April 25th.  We were awakened at 5:30 am by thunderstorms and went to the restaurant to mop up.  Fortunately we had trash cans under most of the leaks so it was not nearly as wet as last time.

We appreciate all of the comments we have received from those of you following our saga.  We have tried to answer you whenever possible.  Please keep coming back!  This was a VERY busy week and we had very little time to update.  We assure you that we WILL let you know whenever there is news!

Thanks Again!


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