May 2nd Post

April 26th through April 30th.

A very uneventful several days.  We spent most of the first few days just mopping up water from the dining rooms.  Thursday we were informed that the fire investigation would start First thing Monday morning May 4th.  Hopefully, everyone will show up that is supposed to and we can look forward to contracting the rebuild.

May 1st.

Since We didn’t have any new pictures of activity to show you this week, here are a few from happier times.

new digital pics 034 Miss tex

        The PALESTINE RANGERS            MISS TEXAS Molly Hazlett

new digital pics 040001

A Hispanic band named “PATRULLA”   Olympic Medalist Nanceen Perry


           Actor Andrew Keegan

Of course we LOVE Birthdays!

jennings Mr. Wiley B'day 1

Halloween and Christmas are ALWAYS celebrated in style!

HALEYWEEN 2002 Kaylaween 002 2007


One year we were very fortunate to be included as part of a young girl’s wish from the MAKE A WISH foundation!

MAW 002 

We hope you have enjoyed this short trip down memory lane.  We welcome your comments about what YOU remember.  We look forward to making and sharing many more memories in the years to come!  Next week promises to be full of activity and we are filled with anticipation.  Have a great weekend and we will keep you posted!


3 Responses to “May 2nd Post”

  1. Gary and Sharla Says:

    I have told a few family members about the blog because we get calls semi-regular wanting to know when they can feed their craving again. Hope its sooner than later. We all miss Little Mexico and look forward to dining there again soon. Thank you!

  2. david Says:

    i am thankful i have found this lol we get so many calls about yall…we try to keep the public informed as best as we can

  3. Jessica Says:

    I remember that day with MAKE-A-WISH. 🙂 My sister (the girl in the blue) had asked for a new laptop and they told her that since it was taking so long to process her wish that they were going to send her to her favorite restauran as a special treat. 🙂 When we came home she had a new laptop, digital camera, desk, printer – more than she even dreamed of! The wonderful ladies working on the wishes for us did so much for us that summer and our entire family is grateful. 🙂

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