May 15th Post


May 11th.

We continued clearing debris.  We had a tractor with a front loader to help this time though.  Power tools were invented to save time and effort.  We finished clearing the debris pile outside in ONE morning!



May 12th and 13th.

We moved back inside the building to get rid of the acoustic tile and insulation dangling from the ceiling and trapping water every time it rains.  Having obtained a saws-all power saw, we also decided to remove the grid that held the suspended ceiling.  That was going so well, that we removed the ductwork, conduit, and charred wiring that remained.  Then we decided to remove the washer, dryer, coke machine, broken sinks and commode in the employee bathroom.  Told you this week would be all about the power tools!   In the Tuesday May 12th edition of the Palestine Herald Press there was an article that we appreciate very much.  If you missed it, or live out of town you can read it by clicking this link:

May 14th. 

We finished clearing debris inside, and got the last tables out of the kitchen that we could take without the vent-a-hoods being removed.  While we were working, the contractor stopped by to tell us that his plan is to start demolition next week.  HOORAY if it happens!  To quote Ty Pennington from “Extreme Makeover” :  “WE LOVE DEMOLITION”  We completed our day by sweeping up all the mess we had made.  The next pictures show the results of our efforts.




100_0594 100_0598



 100_0601 100_0603

100_0600 100_0599




 Some people have asked why there are never any pictures of Richard on the blog.  There have been pictures of Gary, Brandon, and Israel.  Well, just like on a family vacation, someone has to TAKE the pictures!  Here is a never before seen picture of Richard ready to go to work cleaning up Little Mexico.










 And……here is a picture of Richard after a day working on debris removal at Little Mexico.




Thanks for stopping by. Hope all of you have a great weekend!  Maybe next week will bring people with BIG power tools to start demo!  As always, we’ll keep you informed.


2 Responses to “May 15th Post”

  1. Patricia Masters Says:

    Looks like y’all are coming along nicely! Our thoughts and prayers are with the whole Little Mexico family during this time. Glad to see you are keeping your spirits up! Can’t wait until y’all reopen! I just recently moved back to Palestine. My husband is from the Bryan/College Station area so he has never been to Little Mexico. I am sure he will be as impressed as the rest of us are when he finally gets to eat there! Have an awesome, blessed weekend! The Masters

  2. Sandy & George H Says:

    Progress! That is what we love to see. We miss your place so very much and can hardly wait for you to reopen.

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