May 23rd Post

Well, this has been a very uneventful week.  As you probably noticed if you drove by Little Mexico this week, demolition did NOT start as we had hoped it would.  The contractor was there on Thursday May 21st with his structural engineer and several sub-contractors inspecting the site to see how to proceed.  Overall, the news was good.  They will be able to leave more of the building intact than was first estimated which means that demolition will proceed faster and so will the rebuild.  There is still no time estimate for completion, however. Demolition of interior walls and non-structural items will possibly start this next week.  If they show up we will be sure to bring you details and photos.   Wherever we go the first thing anyone asks is what progress has been made.  We promise to keep you updated whenever there is news.  Thanks again for stopping by!  Check back next week when, hopefully we will have BETTER news!   


2 Responses to “May 23rd Post”

  1. Patricia Masters Says:

    My mouth is already starting to water in anticipation! Hope you guys have a fabulous Memorial Day Weekend! We went out to the Tx St RR park today and had a wonderful time. God bless! Patricia Masters

  2. Gary and Sharla Says:

    Ya Know, this is getting to be interesting. Richard (Bob the Builder) and Brandon, Gary and everyone, we still are hoping and praying for a quick rebuild. I know that everyone, employees and customers will have an even closer bond with each other for having gone through this. I find myself hoping for the greatest grand re-opening in the history of these parts. Richard, let us know how we can help plan for this. I was in Tyler for a seminar for blind East Texans last month and even there, during the week, someone mentioned how they missed Little Mexico. There was a lady from Seven Points and a man from Lake Palestine, both of whom knew about and missed the place. God Speed.

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