May 29th Post

Hello Everyone!  This week was MUCH better!  Read on for details.

May 26th

Bright and early Tuesday morning the contractor and his crew showed up and began demolition inside the building.  He also had an electrician run temporary power and lighting inside the building.  These guys have the knowledge and skills to make things happen in a hurry.

100_0620 100_0621

As you can see from the pictures, the walls were coming down and, the dust was flying!

100_0622 100_0624

May 27th

The demolition continues inside the kitchen area.  The contractor had a welder come out to cut the vent-a-hoods loose from the roof and lower them to the ground.  They will probably have to stay in place until the crane removes the roof because they are so large and heavy.

100_0626 100_0627

While they were working in the kitchen and set-up area, others were removing the light fixtures and paneling from the walls of the dining area.


May 28th

The work continues throughout the building.  The walls have pretty much been removed in the set-up area, bus areas and completely removed between the kitchen and the front half of the restaurant.  The demolition has reached the temporary wall that was constructed two months ago.  The restaurant supply company arrives to remove the remaining stainless steel items that are to be restored.  The kitchen area and dish wash area REALLY look empty now!  It is amazing how much room there is when there is no equipment or prep tables or WALLS in the way.

100_0631 100_0632


May 29th

The crew has removed the sheetrock from some of the dining area, and the tables from the walls in the big dining room.  They also started demolition of the back wall of the building using what else: POWER TOOLS.  It is dusty up here too!

100_0629 100_0630


What have we been doing besides watching while all of this goes on?  We have had a de-construction project of our own.  We decided to break down and re-cycle the a/c units that have been sitting in front of the building for two months.  What a great stress reliever.  The first one took us nearly all morning to demolish, but we got better as the week progressed and we understood how they were assembled.  The pictures below show the piles from just one days work.  There are only two units remaining!  That is Mondays task. 

100_0634   100_0636


Can’t wait to see what next week brings!  Thanks for stopping by and, have a great weekend!


2 Responses to “May 29th Post”

  1. Patricia Masters Says:

    I bet y’all are so glad progress has begun! Now you can actually feel like you are moving toward the final goal of reopening! I bet you will have a line of cars down W. Oak on that day!! May need to amke the parking lot larger! Still praying all goes well for you all! Patricia Masters and family

  2. Jimmy Rhodes Says:

    We can hardly wait to make the trip back to Little Mexico from Waco. Needless to say, it has been hard to control our “taco attacks” for this length of time! We wish y’all a speedy recovery from this devastating fire. Thanks for doing the blog. It helps us out-of-towners keep up with the reconstruction.

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