June 14th Post

Hi everybody!  Thanks for stopping by to check on us this week.  I wish I had more to report to you but, as I feared last week, we have pretty much slowed to a standstill again.  Below are the only highlights of the week.


Monday June 8th

The masonry people begin removing the damaged top rows of the front wall in preparation for new blocks to support the roof and exterior stucco that will be applied during construction.  They also plan to remove selected blocks from the damaged back wall to “lace in” new blocks that will restore the structural integrity of the back wall that was torn down.

100_0682 100_0684



In the meantime we decided to weed-eat around the building and parking lot and the contractor’s workers scrubbed and washed away the last traces remaining of the soot from the old roofing that was torn down.


Tuesday June 9th

The masonry people have finished and the walls are ready for re-construction.  We are now at the mercy of the architects and engineers.

100_0687 100_0688

We will let you know if anything happens this coming week.  Again we thank you for your continued interest as evidenced by the huge number of folks that have stopped by the blog to see how we are doing.  Please keep coming back!  When there is news, you will be the first to know!

                                  See you next week!


One Response to “June 14th Post”


    So how much longer do you think it will be?
    WE are looking into grief counseling!!
    It’s taking soooooo long and we’ve been without for so long!!!
    I’m not sure how much longer I can last- Rusk is getting closer
    and closer. Ha ha ha, Love you guys and miss you and the food

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