June 20th Post

Hello again Everyone!

Not much to report this week and I am sorry there are no photos but, there has been NO activity at the restaurant in the past seven days.  We have managed to keep busy however, with our own goal of ALWAYS moving forward.

Monday June 15th

We went bright and early to clean up the steam kettles that we salvaged from the kitchen and, after a LOT of elbow grease made them look good as new.  We were fortunate that they were not destroyed by the fire and received relatively minor smoke and water damage.  We will leave it to the pros however to take apart the motors and electrical boxes to determine if there is any more damage!

Wednesday June 17th

Gary and Brandon met with the restaurant supply people to try to finalize the equipment list and specifications for the equipment that needs to be replaced in the kitchen area because of heat damage from the fire and subsequent collapse of the roof.

Thursday June 18th and Friday June 19th

We spent these two days being furniture movers.  All of the furniture that was in the front half of the restaurant was taken to Tyler to be cleaned so that the smoke residue would not permanently stain the finish.  After cleaning, it was warehoused in various locations in Tyler.  We wanted to bring it back to Palestine so that it would be readily available when needed.  We had forgotten how MUCH and how HEAVY it was!  It took us a full two days to move it all back here!

Well, that’s all the news for this week.  We never know what the next week will bring.  We always hope that we will get a call from the contractor to inform us that construction will start immediately!  Hey, it COULD happen!  Thanks for stopping by.  We will see you next week!


2 Responses to “June 20th Post”

  1. Sandy & George H Says:

    Keep smiling and remember “All in God’s time”. Little Mexico will be back and better than ever. Everything in Palestine moves slowly.

  2. Johnny & Carolyn Jenkins Says:

    We are all anxious for this to be completed, but know from experience how long any kind of construction takes! Hang in there and we will see you when it is all finished.

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