June 28th Post



Hello to our readers!

This week has again been VERY frustrating as there has been NO activity!  We received word last weekend that possibly the architectural plans and engineering drawings would be ready by mid-week to take to the city for approval.  That did not happen!  We are still awaiting those critical items so that we may obtain building permits and construction can begin.  Once the plans have been delivered to the city, it will take at least a week to receive permits.  With that in mind, and since we have done just about everything we can at this time to aid in the process, you can imagine our frustration level.  We have heard comments that people are beginning to doubt whether we ARE going to rebuild and re-open.  We assure you that it WILL happen!  We just have NO timetable at this point since nothing is happening.  As news or photos of activity become available to us we will put them up here so that folks can be reassured.  We so very much appreciate the caring and concern of this wonderful community we serve!  Please keep checking on us and hopefully soon we WILL have something to report.  In the meantime we will keep the parking lot and the building weedeated and cleaned up so you know we are still around.  Have a great 4th of July weekend and stay safe so we can see everyone when we get open again!


4 Responses to “June 28th Post”

  1. Patricia Masters Says:

    Keep the faith! Still praying for you all! Love, Patricia Masters and family

  2. David Franklin Says:

    Hurry Richard! We’re dying out here!!

  3. Cindy Thornton Says:

    Hang in there! You have a lot of folks pulling for you and praying that things will start coming together soon.

  4. Sid and Linda Walton Says:

    You definitely have our encouragement and support as you deal with the frustration of getting back in operation. We are with you all the way!

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