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July 31st Post

July 31, 2009

Hello there!

Just a brief update to Wednesday’s post.  ALL of the plans have been approved and ALL of the permits have been issued by the city so, we are ready to rock and roll.  Our general contractor told us this morning that, as of now, he plans to start pouring concrete to cover up the floor that was excavated for the new plumbing and possibly start framing in the new walls that will be erected inside the waiting room next week!  The remaining steel may be delivered as early as mid-week so, the roof decking can be put on.  Once the roof is on, they can begin to repair the masonry on the outside kitchen walls.  There promises to be quite a bit of progress the next few weeks.  As always we will keep you informed.  Thanks to all who have commented.  We really appreciate the vote of confidence from this terrific extended community.  We miss all of you and are really looking forward to serving you again!

Talk to you next week.


July 29th Post

July 29, 2009


We interrupt our regularly scheduled blog that lacks information to bring you the following:


Construction has BEGUN!!!

100_0829 100_0830

100_0837 100_0838

Here you can see that the plumbing is being re-installed for the new bathrooms.  Work started Monday on the plumbing and it should be ready by Thursday.

Below you can see that the steel crew has arrived and jumped in with both feet!  These guys did NOT play around.  They started Wednesday morning and, by the end of the day had finished all of the supporting columns for the new roof.  We are supposed to have the new roof joists from our good friends at VULCRAFT by next week!  Once the joists are in place they can start installing the new roof.  Hooray!  We are finally making some significant progress.  This time the steel will STAY and be part of the structure of the new kitchen.

100_0831 100_0832

100_0833 100_0834

100_0835 100_0836

We don’t anticipate very much more happening this week but, you never know.  We will be sure to let you in on the fun! 

Thanks for reading.  We will see you next time. 


July 22nd Post

July 22, 2009




Hello Friends,

It has been eleven days since we last posted so, we thought we better bring everyone up to date.  We do not have any earth shaking news but, there HAS been some progress.  Some of the architectural plans have been completed and the others are not far from being finished.  Our contractor estimates as of yesterday that construction MIGHT start as soon as two weeks from now!  He has continued the demolition of the existing concrete slab in the restroom area to ease relocation of the plumbing for the new facilities.  As you will see from the photos below, it was a major job and took most of a week to complete.

100_0786 100_0787

100_0788 100_0826


Meanwhile, we have continued to try to keep the parking lot and landscaping neat and weedeated.  Gary had a project of his own.  Using the time that we have to good advantage, and being a VERY artistic individual, he decided to restore the exterior light fixtures on the front porch.  He discovered that they were probably not replaceable since they came from Mexico originally so, decided to restore and refinish them.  They look brand new!  Be sure you tell him what a great job he did!


That’s all the news for now.  If anything new happens we will be sure to post it!  Again, thanks so much for your continuing interest.  Keep the faith!  Before you know it you will be able to order a Matador Dinner and have it served piping hot!

July 11th Post

July 11, 2009




Hello Again!

Well, as you probably had figured out, there is not much to report yet.  We want to thank everyone for the words of encouragement.  We hope everyone had a safe and happy Fourth Of July weekend.  Late last week we were told that the blueprints and engineering drawings should be ready to take to the city by Monday, July 13th.  We fervently hope so!  If they indeed are ready, then it may only be a matter of days until construction begins.  We will update as soon as ANYTHING happens!  Until then stay safe and, please keep in touch!