July 11th Post




Hello Again!

Well, as you probably had figured out, there is not much to report yet.  We want to thank everyone for the words of encouragement.  We hope everyone had a safe and happy Fourth Of July weekend.  Late last week we were told that the blueprints and engineering drawings should be ready to take to the city by Monday, July 13th.  We fervently hope so!  If they indeed are ready, then it may only be a matter of days until construction begins.  We will update as soon as ANYTHING happens!  Until then stay safe and, please keep in touch!


5 Responses to “July 11th Post”

  1. Frank Copeland Says:

    Thanks for your work keeping everyone updated. Little Mexico is so unique as soooo many people are attached to it with fond memories of times past. I presented my wife her engagement ring at Little Mexico a little over 38 years ago.

  2. Keith Riddlesperger Says:

    Please can we just move to another building and start all over,I can find any address in Palastine,I think most customers are ready for some good mex food, and I personaly would eat in the parking lot or under a tree…….Pay the Bank off with the ins. money and start over in an old rented barn with nothing but your old burned-up pots and pans and a Hungry Customer base thats loves your food and don’t care where we have to eat it. I remember the first building..it was so dark you couldn’t see any flaws.. Now I’m HUNGRY

  3. Michael D Ferguson Says:

    I am really craving the hot sauce!!! Please!! Tell me I can come to Palestine and purchase some Little Mexico hot sauce and chips some where NOW!!!



  4. angie Says:

    someone said you could call in orders somewhere down town, is that true?

  5. Shellie Wheeler Says:

    My brother comes in from OHIO twice a year. Once at Christmas and once during the summer. During his two week stay we go to little mexico at least three or four times; depending on when they close for their holidays. We want you to open up a little taco shack. You can sell tacos, hot sauce, or anything else you wanted. And it would help all of us settle our cravings for the food. We miss you guys and especially the food. Good luck and hope everything gets better.

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