July 22nd Post




Hello Friends,

It has been eleven days since we last posted so, we thought we better bring everyone up to date.  We do not have any earth shaking news but, there HAS been some progress.  Some of the architectural plans have been completed and the others are not far from being finished.  Our contractor estimates as of yesterday that construction MIGHT start as soon as two weeks from now!  He has continued the demolition of the existing concrete slab in the restroom area to ease relocation of the plumbing for the new facilities.  As you will see from the photos below, it was a major job and took most of a week to complete.

100_0786 100_0787

100_0788 100_0826


Meanwhile, we have continued to try to keep the parking lot and landscaping neat and weedeated.  Gary had a project of his own.  Using the time that we have to good advantage, and being a VERY artistic individual, he decided to restore the exterior light fixtures on the front porch.  He discovered that they were probably not replaceable since they came from Mexico originally so, decided to restore and refinish them.  They look brand new!  Be sure you tell him what a great job he did!


That’s all the news for now.  If anything new happens we will be sure to post it!  Again, thanks so much for your continuing interest.  Keep the faith!  Before you know it you will be able to order a Matador Dinner and have it served piping hot!


3 Responses to “July 22nd Post”

  1. Letha King Says:

    Are you still looking at early Fall opening? I hope so, but like most reconstruction projects, it usually takes longer than anticipated. We surely are getting anxious, but I know you are as well.

  2. Forrest "Biff" Bradberry,Jr Says:

    Thank you for keeping us informed. Rumors abound and just wanted to let you know, as I am sure you do, Palestine is solidly behind the Little Mexico family. Your regulars anxiously await your reopening and look forward to getting back to our normal routine which includes a regular stop at Little Mexico. God Bless. Josh & Brad

  3. Patricia Masters Says:

    Can’t wait!!

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