July 31st Post

Hello there!

Just a brief update to Wednesday’s post.  ALL of the plans have been approved and ALL of the permits have been issued by the city so, we are ready to rock and roll.  Our general contractor told us this morning that, as of now, he plans to start pouring concrete to cover up the floor that was excavated for the new plumbing and possibly start framing in the new walls that will be erected inside the waiting room next week!  The remaining steel may be delivered as early as mid-week so, the roof decking can be put on.  Once the roof is on, they can begin to repair the masonry on the outside kitchen walls.  There promises to be quite a bit of progress the next few weeks.  As always we will keep you informed.  Thanks to all who have commented.  We really appreciate the vote of confidence from this terrific extended community.  We miss all of you and are really looking forward to serving you again!

Talk to you next week.


3 Responses to “July 31st Post”

  1. Letha King Says:

    Any idea as to a possible opening date?

  2. Michael Don Says:

    Sounds like it won’t be long before I’m burning up the road from Fairfield to try to catch up on hot sauce, chips and all the Fiesta Dinners I’ve been missing!

    Looking forward to the re-opening!


  3. paul allen Says:

    Just heard of the fire…..so many memories of the great times had by me and friends driving over from Jville. Now living in Nashville. I am excited to plana trip back to Texas when you reopen so I can taste the BEST Tex-Mex that there is anywhere…….Good Luck Guys!

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