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August 29th Post

August 29, 2009

Tuesday August 25th

The roofing people, the stone mason, the carpenters, and the electrician were all here today.  The roofers were finishing the install of the membrane covering the roofing insulation and heat sealing it to the a/c curbing.  The stone mason erected scaffolding and began the process of rebuilding the exterior walls. Meanwhile the carpenters were framing the interior walls that define the perimeter of the kitchen.  The electricians were still running conduit from the front of the building across the kitchen ceiling area to what will become the storeroom and what he calls the “switching room”.

100_0927 100_0928


Here you can see just how thick the insulation is that was installed under the roofing membrane.

100_0922 100_0923


Wednesday August 26th

The stone masons continue to set blocks for the exterior walls and the carpenters are framing away.

100_0924 100_0940



Thursday August 27th

The people that are going to construct all of the huge amount of ductwork needed for heating and a/c as well as the various vents above the equipment arrive and begin fabricating and installing the ducts.  The electrician has to have a giant hole dug where the electric company’s wiring comes into the building, and the masons continue laying block while the carpenter’s continue their framing work.

100_0934 100_0946

100_0929 100_0931


Friday August 28th

By the end of the day the ductwork in the waiting area, bathrooms, and office is complete.  The Carpenters have finished most of the framing for the perimeter walls of the kitchen and have laid the base plate for the wall separating the kitchen from the waitress area.  The electricians have pulled a lot of the wire through the conduit and hooked it up.  The stone masons have completed most of the front wall and the back wall of the restaurant although a late afternoon thunderstorm sent them scurrying from the scaffolding.  The new roof, however, kept the rain out and the inside dry!  That is the first time in five months that we have not had to mop and squeegee etc. every time we get any rainfall!



100_0947 100_0948

We hope everyone has a great weekend.  Next week should be VERY busy with painters starting to refinish all of the furniture, the fire suppression sprinkler people, the ductwork people, the electricians, the carpenters, the stone masons, the computer networking and security people, and those are just the ones we know about at this time!  WE LOVE IT!

See you next week.


August 24th Post

August 24, 2009


Hi there!  Let’s see, where did we end last week?

Wednesday August 19th

The plumbers came to work early this morning and rapidly plumbed all of the new water and drain lines for the kitchen equipment.  Meanwhile Randy Mannix, our electrical contractor, continued running conduit and began creating the master control panel for the new high efficiency lighting system.

100_0893 100_0895


100_0894 100_0912

Thursday August 20th

The plumbers have finished and the city has inspected and approved the new water and drain lines so the contractor’s crew spends the day covering up the plumbing and packing the soil to prepare for concrete to be poured.  Electrical conduit is still being run from the front half of the restaurant toward the kitchen.  We have been informed that the roofing crew is supposed to come next week to install the energy efficient roof.  That is GREAT news because then the inside will stay dry even if it rains.  After the rain the other day it took them almost three hours to dry everything out enough to go to work.

100_0904 100_0905

Gary decided to climb up and check out the progress during the afternoon.


Friday August 21st

No one came to work today but, we did get some deliveries of supplies needed for the roofing project as well as the new steel fire doors and frames for the back half of the building.

Monday August 24th

Boy oh boy did they make up for not working Friday!  There was a platoon size group from the roofing company as well as three truckloads of materials.  Also on hand were the vent-a-hood people, the steel crew from Fairfield, the a/c contractor, the general contractor’s crew, the masonry people, the electrician, the concrete contractor, and a partridge in a pear tree!  They installed the majority of the roofing, poured back the concrete in the kitchen, started building the switch and audio panel at the host station, installed the door frame at the back of the kitchen, put in place the curbs for the exhaust vents, broke out the old door frame on the back of the building, and removed the concrete from the parking lot where the new water line to the building will be run. 

100_0906 100_0907

100_0916 100_0917

100_0915 100_0910

100_0914 100_0918

Tomorrow promises to be equally frenetic as the roofing crew will be back to finish installing the plastic membrane roof, the electricians will still be running conduit, the carpenters return to begin framing the kitchen walls, and the masons begin REBUILDING THE EXTERIOR WALLS!  Wow are we excited!

We should have more photos of the progress later in the week!

August 18th Post

August 18, 2009

Hello there!

Just a quick Tuesday update.  The electricians continue to run conduit in the dining area and the roofing crew is stripping off the old roofing while the a/c crew sets the locations for the new air conditioning units.  All this is preparatory to installing a new  energy efficient membrane roof sometime in the next couple of weeks.  The contractor had a paint crew on scene today to paint the steel trellis in front of the building.  The temporary wall was removed inside the dining area to make way for the carpenters to begin framing the new back wall of the dining room.

100_0882 100_0883

100_0885 100_0887



100_0890 100_0891

In case you missed it, Brandon was interviewed by Gary Richards of KYYK 98.3 Radio on his morning show today.  A few hours after the interview, Jack Colvin and Christi Vineyard of YOUR EAST TEXAS. COM came by the restaurant to take pictures.  We were thoroughly impressed by their journalistic expertise as they even climbed on the roof to get the story!  To listen to the interview and to check out Christi’s terrific photos just hit the link below!


Jack and Christi on the roof this morning.

I guess that’s all for now.  I believe they are going to start plumbing the kitchen tomorrow so, we will keep you posted!

August 15th Post

August 15, 2009


Thursday August 13th

The carpenters continue to install paneling and trim out the new wall in the waiting room with rough cedar.  Meanwhile the electricians are running the conduit to rewire the front half of the restaurant.

100_0872 100_0873

Friday August 14th

The carpenters have finished up front temporarily and the electricians were not working today so we took the opportunity to finish cleaning the soot from the fireplace.  Here you can see Brandon is totally involved in his work.


While we were cleaning up front, the contractor’s men were busy removing the concrete that had been sawed from the kitchen floor and digging out dirt to expose the plumbing below.  We understand that they will begin to plumb in the new water and gas lines for the kitchen equipment on Monday.

100_0879 100_0880

Well, that brings us up to date for the week.  It was a very exciting and productive week and, we hope for many more of the same to come.  Thanks for checking on us this week and we hope to see you again next week.  Have a great weekend!

August 12th Post

August 12, 2009



Hello Friends.  As we told you last week, we hoped for a lot of activity this week and that is just what we got!

Monday August 10th

Bright and early (before 7 am) the steel from Vulcraft arrived and the crew started unloading.


Within minutes the first roof joist was flying high and being set on the support beams!

100_0856 100_0857

By just about lunchtime, most of the steel was in place and the crew was welding the cross bracing.



This photo is for “Pierre” and “Porkchop” who did NOT want to be featured.


Tuesday August 11th

The steel crew continues welding cross bracing and securing the joists to the steel support columns and beams.  By five that afternoon, all of the bracing had been welded in place and they had already started installing the roof decking!

100_0866 100_0867

While the crew was welding in the kitchen area, there was another team of welders hard at work in front of the building finishing the  new steel trellis that will support the wisteria vine.


Wednesday August 12th

The hardworking steel erection crew finished the roof by about 1pm!  We are sooo excited!  LITTLE MEXICO has a roof again!  It’s starting to look like a building again.  The week isn’t even half over! 



While the roof was going on the carpenters were also hard at work in the front half of the building.  They have finished framing the bathrooms and have actually started re-installing paneling to the waiting room walls!  We were told that the electricians will start pulling wire tomorrow in the front half of the building!


Thanks for stopping by.  We will post again later in the week to keep you informed about further developments.

August 8th Post

August 8, 2009



Hello Friends!

Well, this has indeed been a busy week.  As we hoped, construction has progressed all week long.  Read on for details.

Monday August 3rd

All of the plumbing had been inspected, approved, and covered with dirt ready for concrete to be poured back over it.  Bright and early the concrete crew showed up and, before the afternoon was through, it was sealed in cement!  Meanwhile, the contractor had his crew begin constructing the steel trellis that will support the wisteria vine along the front of the building.



100_0840 100_0841

Tuesday August 4th

The carpenters showed up today to begin framing the walls of the new bathrooms.

100_0843 100_0844

Wednesday August 5th

Framing of the walls continues up front but, back in the kitchen area, they are cutting more concrete.  This is necessary for the new plumbing to support the new equipment as well as revisions to the building code since the restaurant was initially constructed.

100_0845 100_0846

Thursday August  6th

After working all day yesterday and all day today the carpenters have finished framing the bathroom walls in the waiting area.  Everyone is going to LOVE how much room there is now!



Friday August 7th

No activity from the pros today so, we spent the time cleaning the remaining soot from the white stone of the fireplace inside.  (we did not want to be in the way while they were working up there) Late in the morning we found out that the roof support joists were complete at Vulcraft and should be arriving next week.

Saturday August 8th

If any of you drove by the restaurant late Friday afternoon or Saturday you may have noticed the familiar yellow crane from 5J was sitting in the parking lot.  That is great news!  It means the last of our steel is on the way next week.  The crane is necessary to install the sixty foot roof joists and they would not have brought it otherwise.  We should have at least most of a roof on the building by the end of the week!  Then the masonry people can rebuild the exterior walls and it will start to look normal again!  We are EXCITED!

We just LOVE progress.  Hope you have a great weekend.  We will let you know what happens next week and bring you whatever photos we can.