August 8th Post



Hello Friends!

Well, this has indeed been a busy week.  As we hoped, construction has progressed all week long.  Read on for details.

Monday August 3rd

All of the plumbing had been inspected, approved, and covered with dirt ready for concrete to be poured back over it.  Bright and early the concrete crew showed up and, before the afternoon was through, it was sealed in cement!  Meanwhile, the contractor had his crew begin constructing the steel trellis that will support the wisteria vine along the front of the building.



100_0840 100_0841

Tuesday August 4th

The carpenters showed up today to begin framing the walls of the new bathrooms.

100_0843 100_0844

Wednesday August 5th

Framing of the walls continues up front but, back in the kitchen area, they are cutting more concrete.  This is necessary for the new plumbing to support the new equipment as well as revisions to the building code since the restaurant was initially constructed.

100_0845 100_0846

Thursday August  6th

After working all day yesterday and all day today the carpenters have finished framing the bathroom walls in the waiting area.  Everyone is going to LOVE how much room there is now!



Friday August 7th

No activity from the pros today so, we spent the time cleaning the remaining soot from the white stone of the fireplace inside.  (we did not want to be in the way while they were working up there) Late in the morning we found out that the roof support joists were complete at Vulcraft and should be arriving next week.

Saturday August 8th

If any of you drove by the restaurant late Friday afternoon or Saturday you may have noticed the familiar yellow crane from 5J was sitting in the parking lot.  That is great news!  It means the last of our steel is on the way next week.  The crane is necessary to install the sixty foot roof joists and they would not have brought it otherwise.  We should have at least most of a roof on the building by the end of the week!  Then the masonry people can rebuild the exterior walls and it will start to look normal again!  We are EXCITED!

We just LOVE progress.  Hope you have a great weekend.  We will let you know what happens next week and bring you whatever photos we can.


2 Responses to “August 8th Post”

  1. Johnny & Carolyn Jenkins Says:

    Wow!! We are so excited!

  2. David and Caroline Carnathan Says:

    We are very excited that we can look forward to coming back to Little Mexico in the not to distant future. Great food. Great staff and Great family.

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