August 12th Post



Hello Friends.  As we told you last week, we hoped for a lot of activity this week and that is just what we got!

Monday August 10th

Bright and early (before 7 am) the steel from Vulcraft arrived and the crew started unloading.


Within minutes the first roof joist was flying high and being set on the support beams!

100_0856 100_0857

By just about lunchtime, most of the steel was in place and the crew was welding the cross bracing.



This photo is for “Pierre” and “Porkchop” who did NOT want to be featured.


Tuesday August 11th

The steel crew continues welding cross bracing and securing the joists to the steel support columns and beams.  By five that afternoon, all of the bracing had been welded in place and they had already started installing the roof decking!

100_0866 100_0867

While the crew was welding in the kitchen area, there was another team of welders hard at work in front of the building finishing the  new steel trellis that will support the wisteria vine.


Wednesday August 12th

The hardworking steel erection crew finished the roof by about 1pm!  We are sooo excited!  LITTLE MEXICO has a roof again!  It’s starting to look like a building again.  The week isn’t even half over! 



While the roof was going on the carpenters were also hard at work in the front half of the building.  They have finished framing the bathrooms and have actually started re-installing paneling to the waiting room walls!  We were told that the electricians will start pulling wire tomorrow in the front half of the building!


Thanks for stopping by.  We will post again later in the week to keep you informed about further developments.


3 Responses to “August 12th Post”

  1. angie Says:

    Do you know around when little mexico will open again?


    I cant wait for the reopening. I have missed my friends at little mexico and also the wonderful food.

  3. Dogwood Sales Says:

    When is the estimated opening date? We can’t wait!!!!!!!

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