August 15th Post


Thursday August 13th

The carpenters continue to install paneling and trim out the new wall in the waiting room with rough cedar.  Meanwhile the electricians are running the conduit to rewire the front half of the restaurant.

100_0872 100_0873

Friday August 14th

The carpenters have finished up front temporarily and the electricians were not working today so we took the opportunity to finish cleaning the soot from the fireplace.  Here you can see Brandon is totally involved in his work.


While we were cleaning up front, the contractor’s men were busy removing the concrete that had been sawed from the kitchen floor and digging out dirt to expose the plumbing below.  We understand that they will begin to plumb in the new water and gas lines for the kitchen equipment on Monday.

100_0879 100_0880

Well, that brings us up to date for the week.  It was a very exciting and productive week and, we hope for many more of the same to come.  Thanks for checking on us this week and we hope to see you again next week.  Have a great weekend!


One Response to “August 15th Post”

  1. Letha King Says:

    Are you thinking of an opening date? All of your fans are so anxious!!!

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