August 18th Post

Hello there!

Just a quick Tuesday update.  The electricians continue to run conduit in the dining area and the roofing crew is stripping off the old roofing while the a/c crew sets the locations for the new air conditioning units.  All this is preparatory to installing a new  energy efficient membrane roof sometime in the next couple of weeks.  The contractor had a paint crew on scene today to paint the steel trellis in front of the building.  The temporary wall was removed inside the dining area to make way for the carpenters to begin framing the new back wall of the dining room.

100_0882 100_0883

100_0885 100_0887



100_0890 100_0891

In case you missed it, Brandon was interviewed by Gary Richards of KYYK 98.3 Radio on his morning show today.  A few hours after the interview, Jack Colvin and Christi Vineyard of YOUR EAST TEXAS. COM came by the restaurant to take pictures.  We were thoroughly impressed by their journalistic expertise as they even climbed on the roof to get the story!  To listen to the interview and to check out Christi’s terrific photos just hit the link below!


Jack and Christi on the roof this morning.

I guess that’s all for now.  I believe they are going to start plumbing the kitchen tomorrow so, we will keep you posted!


3 Responses to “August 18th Post”

  1. Gary Says:

    Sure looks like progress! I can almost smell the food already! It must have seemed like forever waiting for something to happen, now almost too much to cover in one blog. Great to hear and looking forward to seeing you all agin soon.

  2. Jenni and Rob Lee Says:

    Having withdrawal symptoms in Jacksonville, and suffering through sorry substitutes 😦

  3. Gary & Marilyn Says:

    Along with everybody else, please hurry and re-open. We miss you terribly. Any ideas on an opening date yet?

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