August 24th Post


Hi there!  Let’s see, where did we end last week?

Wednesday August 19th

The plumbers came to work early this morning and rapidly plumbed all of the new water and drain lines for the kitchen equipment.  Meanwhile Randy Mannix, our electrical contractor, continued running conduit and began creating the master control panel for the new high efficiency lighting system.

100_0893 100_0895


100_0894 100_0912

Thursday August 20th

The plumbers have finished and the city has inspected and approved the new water and drain lines so the contractor’s crew spends the day covering up the plumbing and packing the soil to prepare for concrete to be poured.  Electrical conduit is still being run from the front half of the restaurant toward the kitchen.  We have been informed that the roofing crew is supposed to come next week to install the energy efficient roof.  That is GREAT news because then the inside will stay dry even if it rains.  After the rain the other day it took them almost three hours to dry everything out enough to go to work.

100_0904 100_0905

Gary decided to climb up and check out the progress during the afternoon.


Friday August 21st

No one came to work today but, we did get some deliveries of supplies needed for the roofing project as well as the new steel fire doors and frames for the back half of the building.

Monday August 24th

Boy oh boy did they make up for not working Friday!  There was a platoon size group from the roofing company as well as three truckloads of materials.  Also on hand were the vent-a-hood people, the steel crew from Fairfield, the a/c contractor, the general contractor’s crew, the masonry people, the electrician, the concrete contractor, and a partridge in a pear tree!  They installed the majority of the roofing, poured back the concrete in the kitchen, started building the switch and audio panel at the host station, installed the door frame at the back of the kitchen, put in place the curbs for the exhaust vents, broke out the old door frame on the back of the building, and removed the concrete from the parking lot where the new water line to the building will be run. 

100_0906 100_0907

100_0916 100_0917

100_0915 100_0910

100_0914 100_0918

Tomorrow promises to be equally frenetic as the roofing crew will be back to finish installing the plastic membrane roof, the electricians will still be running conduit, the carpenters return to begin framing the kitchen walls, and the masons begin REBUILDING THE EXTERIOR WALLS!  Wow are we excited!

We should have more photos of the progress later in the week!


One Response to “August 24th Post”

  1. Martha Easterly Says:

    I’m so excited to see all the progress with the building!!!! I am having severe withdrawls from those yummy chips and hot sauce–waiting ever so patiently for the re-opening!!!! I will drive in all the way from Houston to be there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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