August 29th Post

Tuesday August 25th

The roofing people, the stone mason, the carpenters, and the electrician were all here today.  The roofers were finishing the install of the membrane covering the roofing insulation and heat sealing it to the a/c curbing.  The stone mason erected scaffolding and began the process of rebuilding the exterior walls. Meanwhile the carpenters were framing the interior walls that define the perimeter of the kitchen.  The electricians were still running conduit from the front of the building across the kitchen ceiling area to what will become the storeroom and what he calls the “switching room”.

100_0927 100_0928


Here you can see just how thick the insulation is that was installed under the roofing membrane.

100_0922 100_0923


Wednesday August 26th

The stone masons continue to set blocks for the exterior walls and the carpenters are framing away.

100_0924 100_0940



Thursday August 27th

The people that are going to construct all of the huge amount of ductwork needed for heating and a/c as well as the various vents above the equipment arrive and begin fabricating and installing the ducts.  The electrician has to have a giant hole dug where the electric company’s wiring comes into the building, and the masons continue laying block while the carpenter’s continue their framing work.

100_0934 100_0946

100_0929 100_0931


Friday August 28th

By the end of the day the ductwork in the waiting area, bathrooms, and office is complete.  The Carpenters have finished most of the framing for the perimeter walls of the kitchen and have laid the base plate for the wall separating the kitchen from the waitress area.  The electricians have pulled a lot of the wire through the conduit and hooked it up.  The stone masons have completed most of the front wall and the back wall of the restaurant although a late afternoon thunderstorm sent them scurrying from the scaffolding.  The new roof, however, kept the rain out and the inside dry!  That is the first time in five months that we have not had to mop and squeegee etc. every time we get any rainfall!



100_0947 100_0948

We hope everyone has a great weekend.  Next week should be VERY busy with painters starting to refinish all of the furniture, the fire suppression sprinkler people, the ductwork people, the electricians, the carpenters, the stone masons, the computer networking and security people, and those are just the ones we know about at this time!  WE LOVE IT!

See you next week.


One Response to “August 29th Post”

  1. Darren M. Cary Says:

    Those are some sweet-looking steel joists and deck! Vulcraft rocks.

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