September 3rd Post

This has been a very busy week!  There have been so many people at Little Mexico that it makes us feel almost like we are open!

Monday August 31st

The stonemasons are making excellent progress on the exterior walls of the building.  Almost finished!


Meanwhile the carpenters are continuing to frame the walls of the kitchen and waitress area.  It is really starting to look like a restaurant again.

100_0952At the same time, the electricians, the duct people and the fire sprinkler people are all trying to work around one another.  Then the cash register technicians show up to run data cable from the front office to the back office and video cable across the entire building.  It is really getting crowded in here!

100_0953 100_0954

Tuesday September 1st

The carpenters have just about finished the kitchen walls.  The stone masons have almost finished the outside walls.  The stucco people show up and begin installing metal netting to the outside walls to hold the new stucco.  They also begin erecting the huge scaffolding around the entire building.  The insulation people begin wrapping everything in plastic to prepare for the blown in foam insulation.  All of this while the electricians are still running conduit throughout the kitchen and the sprinkler crew is running pipe and the duct people are installing ductwork.  It seems like rush hour in Houston!   Incredibly, no one gets in each other’s way.  They all work around each other successfully.

100_0959 100_0957

100_0964100_0966 100_0965


100_0968 100_0970

Wednesday September 2nd

The outside walls are finished!


Thursday September 3rd

The insulation crew puts on their space suits and begins to shoot the foam insulation.  They work all day and complete about half of the ceiling and the wall behind the area where the new switching panels will be located.

100_0973 100_0975


Tomorrow the insulation crew should finish the ceiling and the electricians hope to mount the panels to the wall to be ready to hook up all of the conduit they have been running. Thanks for stopping by.  We will report as the rebuild continues.


3 Responses to “September 3rd Post”

  1. CaryBeth Jackson Says:

    I’m so excited about the rebuild! I am hoping and praying ya’ll are open for my 14th birthday! I eat there every year for my bday and I don’t want to miss one!!! (: Keep us posted!

  2. Gary and Sharla Kellar Says:

    Richard, you’re one of the smartest guys I know, but even I didn’t think you knew this much about construction! I reckon, the education is one bright side to the whole ordeal. Looks like we are definately getting closer!

  3. Michael Don Says:

    Do you have a tentative opening date? Can hardly wait to make that drive from Fairfield and get my fill of an El Amigo dinner!!

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