September 20th Post

Hello readers.  Sorry to be late posting this one but we were experiencing technical difficulties.(no internet for two days)  All fixed now though!

Monday September 14th

The new walk-in cooler and freezer arrives.  The pile of panels is quite impressive.   We are reminded of the furniture that you assemble yourself.  Hopefully someone has the instruction manual and, it was printed in the USA!


The stucco people are supposed to be here all week but, if it rains very much, they can not work because the stucco might slough off of the building and would have to be done over again.

Tuesday September 15th

Bright and early, Lightfoot refrigeration arrives and begins the assembly of the cooler.  They DO have a fifty page instruction manual!


Obviously the manual must have been correct because, by day’s end, The new cooler is standing tall and completely assembled.  These guys really know what they are doing!

100_1017 100_1018


Tuesday afternoon workers from the city of Palestine arrive to dig a hole in the parking lot.  This is where the fire sprinkler system will be tied into the water main.


Wednesday September 16th

The new sheetrock is taped and bedded and the crew says they will be back to texture the walls in the dining area Friday.  The carpenters begin paneling the walls of the dining area and adding trim pieces.  It is really starting to come together.  We find ourselves standing in the host area and looking through the windows imagining what it will look like full of people again.  Can’t wait!


Thursday September 17th

The stucco crew has only been able to work sporadically because of the rain.  That part of the build is a little behind schedule.  The inside work is going very well, however.  The plumbers have almost finished the plumbing in the kitchen area and have begun installing gas piping for the kitchen equipment.  We are told that next week there will be several milestones.  They are supposed to begin painting and staining the dining area, the grid for the suspended ceiling is supposed to go in, some of the stainless steel fixtures for the kitchen are supposed to arrive, and there is a final plumbing inspection.  Once the plumbing passes inspection, they will finish the insulation of the kitchen, install sheetrock and, the waterproof “frp” plastic paneling on the kitchen walls! WOW!  We suddenly realize how fast everything is moving and decide we had better get busy on our projects.  The rest of Thursday afternoon and all of Friday will be dedicated to beginning the clean up of the equipment and glassware etc. that we were able to salvage from the building immediately after the fire.  The city finishes installing the valve on the water main.


Friday September 18th

The electrical work is proceeding on the main electrical panels, the plumbers have finished the gas piping and pressurized it to check for leaks, and the water lines have all been run throughout the kitchen!  Monday should be a big day because of the plumbing inspection.  We have been washing dishes!  I know it is not “construction” but, it has to be done to be ready to open.  We are getting excited already!


The stucco crew finally gets a break in the weather and gets some work done.  They say they will work this weekend also if it does not rain.


Everyone has been asking on the blog, by e-mail, on facebook, and in person: “WHEN?”          We REALLY wish we had an estimate for you of what our opening date will be.  At this point, however, no one can give US an estimate.  We actually think it will be sooner than the end of the year.  Maybe a lot sooner!  But, even though things are moving extremely quickly, there is still a lot to be done.  Please don’t stop asking though, because we love talking to you and we are so humbled that people care.  This blog is dedicated to you our customers and to keeping you informed.  Thanks for reading. We will see you next week with an update!

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3 Responses to “September 20th Post”

  1. Devvy Says:

    HURRY!!! It has been too long and I can’t hardly stand the anticipation!

    Ronda & I are “chomping at the bits”

  2. Cheryl Gilbreath Says:

    Palestine is full of hungry people, so is Beaumont and the rest of the state and a lot of other states.

  3. Travis Arden Says:

    I live in Henderson and am in need of Little Mexico’s food pick me up.
    I know it is just a matter of days now until you will be open. I want to be at the front door on opening day…… much longer?……..two days? …..three days?………starving! Help!

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