October 2nd Post


Hello again.  Yet another week has gone by.  We are inching ever closer to the re-opening day.  This has been a week of terrific progress without being gigantic events.  Let us explain:

Monday September 28th

The stucco crew is hard at work…looks like they might finish this week if the rain holds off!  The painters arrive and begin hanging plastic everywhere to be ready to start staining and painting the dining area.  The carpenters are building shelving in the bathroom closet and framing doorways in the kitchen.  Randy Mannix and Pat Mannix are still pulling wire through the conduit.  We don’t know how many miles they are up to by now!  The good news is that they will be finished in the ceilings before the end of the week and will be ready to start working on getting power to the building.

100_1068Pat pulls yet another wire!

Tuesday September 29th

The installation crew is putting on the plastic paneling in the kitchen and waitress area.  It looks great but goes up very slowly.  This will probably take several days to complete.  The painters have begun staining the dining room walls.  Boy it is really starting to look like Little Mexico again!  The new counter for the cashier arrives and is put in place.  Things are starting to come together really well.

100_1063 100_1070

100_1064  100_1069


Wednesday September 30th

The stucco crew has been working since daybreak frantically trying to get as much of the final coat done as possible because the weather forecast calls for rain on Thursday afternoon.  The acoustic ceiling grid arrives.  We think that is scheduled to go in next week!  The painters begin applying lacquer sealer to the stained areas of the dining room and everyone clears out because the fumes are INTENSE.  The electricians have finished pulling wire in the ceiling.  Late in the day, when the painters have finished spraying, the paneling crew continues their laborious task of installing plastic.

100_1078The ceiling grid

Thursday October 1st

Again the stucco crew is the first to arrive.  By the end of the day they have finished the front of the building and part of the east wall where the fireplace is.  Randy the electrician enlists the aid of a few good men to put the 400 pound service panel in place on the outside wall.  He tells us that there is a chance that there may be electric service to the building by the end of next week!  The stainless steel crew from Kirby Restaurant Supply begins installing  wall panels in the kitchen.  The painters are finished with the final coat on the wood in the dining area and mask the wood for the wall paint.

100_1072  100_1073



Friday October 2nd

We lucked out and did not get the rain and storms predicted for last night and this morning so, by lunchtime, the stucco crew has finished the stucco and removed the scaffolding!  If one were to drive by now, it looks like we are ready to open!  The stainless steel crew comes back to continue installing stainless and the duct people are installing ductwork to the vent-a-hoods.  The painters are working on the walls now and the latex paint is a relief.   Early in the afternoon the new doors arrive and Paul and the carpenters set to work installing them.  Things are really moving!

100_1085  100_1083

100_1086 100_1082

Next week the air conditioners are supposed to be installed, they are scheduled to start the ceiling grid and, now that the scaffolding is out of the way, we may see the fire sprinkler people back to run the water line to the building.  We might even have electric service sometime next week!  Opening day is getting closer and closer!  Brandon did another interview this morning with youreasttexas.com so be sure to check that out.  Also don’t forget to check out blogsurfer.us.  Thanks for reading and we hope you have a GREAT weekend!


3 Responses to “October 2nd Post”

  1. Ronny & Julie Anderson Says:

    Do you have any projected opening date? I have waited outside to get in when you were in the old building…how many years ago? We always stop when returning from Houston or Galveston and come down as often as possible. We are ready, but know it will be busy the first week.
    Ronald Anderson….. Murchison, Texas

  2. Cody Hall Says:

    Come on update me please!

  3. simoncorn Says:

    Oh great job! Weather is really one the essential things to consider in stucco application and nice to know that you’ve done it already.

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