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October 10th Post

October 10, 2009


Hello everyone!  This has been another terrific week in the reconstruction project!  We are several steps closer to electricity in the building, the ceiling is almost in, the painting is almost finished, the tile is being laid, the counter tops are on in the front, and the electrical crew is even hanging ceiling fans!  Read on for the details.

Monday October 5th

The air conditioning and refrigeration units arrive and are promptly put in place.  No more holes in the roof so, let it rain all it wants to.

100_1088 100_1089

100_1090 100_1093


Tuesday October 6th

The a/c crew and the electricians work all day connecting the a/c and refrigeration wiring to the new units and close off all remaining openings in the roof.  Meanwhile, the painters are staining and painting the waiting room and the bathroom cabinets. 


Wednesday October 7th

The roofing crew from Houston arrives to complete the edges of the roof and put the trim caps and gutters on the building.  The ceiling grid is installed in the kitchen and waitress area.  Paul Harris’s crew begins breaking out concrete in the parking lot for the water line to the new tap by the road which will feed the fire sprinklers.  Oncor energy arrives to pull out the old wiring from the pole to the building.  This was a really busy day!


100_1098This really cool laser helps them install the ceiling level!

100_1101  100_1102

100_1104Brandon and Gary inspect the progress on the roof!


Thursday October 8th

Brandon and Gary order the last of the plates and dishes, knives, spoons, and containers etc. needed for the kitchen to be ready to cook.  We are really getting close now!  The crew begins to install ceiling grid in the dining area, the countertops for the cashier and the bathrooms arrive, and the crew from Lightfoot floor coverings starts installing tile!  Randy Mannix finishes the wiring inside the circuit breaker panels and is ready for the electrical inspection tomorrow.

100_1113 100_1110 



Friday October 9th

The electricians are installing light fixtures and the Kirby restaurant supply crew arrives to install the heat lamp hood above the pass window between the kitchen and waitress area. The ceiling grid is finished in the dining area, Jim Thornell arrives to hook up the phone system wiring, the city inspector passes the electrical wiring so we are ready for TXU, and the Rudd fire sprinkler crew finishes their water line from the street and covers it up.  A load of ceiling fans arrives and Pat Mannix quickly begins installing them!  Later in the day Duane Lightfoot HIMSELF arrives to install wall tile in the front bath areas!  I guess he doesn’t have golf clubs in his toolbox either!  By day’s end, the waitress area is almost complete except for equipment and a few ceiling tiles!

100_1108 100_1122

100_1114 100_1115



Next week they are going to start cleaning, sealing and epoxy painting the floor in the kitchen.  That means that equipment will be arriving soon!  We MIGHT have electricity next week!  Things are moving along really well.  We sincerely appreciate the time that all of you take every week to read this account and we hope you continue to enjoy it.  We are looking forward to next week and we hope you are as well.  See you then!