October 24th Post

Hello everyone!  This has been a terrific week at Little Mexico.  Things are rolling along toward completion.  We still have a LOT to get done but, the end is in sight!

Monday October 19th

‘”The chandeliers were hung by Ronny and Randy with care in hopes that our customers soon would be there.”

The concrete crew also arrived and poured the concrete ramp at the kitchen entrance and covered the ditch across the parking lot.  The control panel for the lighting in the customer area is complete except for labeling what all the different buttons do.

100_1154 100_1155

100_1157 100_1158

100_1156 100_1161

Tuesday October 20th

Paul and Ronny begin installing the partitions in the customer restrooms.  When asked, Paul said he “loves these things”.  We guess that he thoroughly enjoys the installation process.  Randy and Pat Mannix have put light bulbs in every fixture and rechecked all of the outlets and every circuit breaker on the inside and have started installing all of the outdoor light fixtures.  Just before lunch, two trailer loads of kitchen equipment arrive and, it’s just like Christmas morning!


100_1164 100_1160

100_1162 100_1163

Wednesday October 21st

The crew from Kirby Restaurant Supply begins unpacking and assembling kitchen equipment.  Paul, Ronny, and Kelly continue installing the partitions in the restrooms, the plumbers are installing the water heaters in the utility room, and another crew from Kirby is finishing the stainless steel fabrication.  While this is going on, the sprinkler system people are installing the connection to the water main.  All of this is happening in the kitchen and storeroom area and, it is getting pretty crowded in there so we walk up front to see Dennis from Lightfoot a/c all by himself in the front half of the building installing thermostats for the a/c units.  He tells us that the peace and quiet are very nice.  Late in the day, another truckload of equipment arrives.  The kitchen is really getting crowded now!





Thursday October 22nd

The plumbers turn on the water to the water heaters and, water starts coming from under a wall!  This is NOT what we needed!  They diagnose the problem however and, quickly have it repaired!  Whew!  We were thinking “major delay”.  The rest of the day goes smoothly, though, as equipment is put in it’s assigned spots and things begin to look normal again.  Below are views of the dishwashing area where most of the equipment has been fastened down.

100_1171 100_1172

Friday October 23rd

The bustle of activity continues in the kitchen where they are now beginning to connect all of the equipment that has arrived and, been unpacked and assembled.  If we just had some electricity and gas we could start testing this stuff!  Paul tells us that they are going to begin cleaning, etching and color sealing the floors in the front half of the building next week.  When that is finished, we will be ready to bring back the furniture!  The roofing crew begins installing the Spanish clay tiles above the front porch.  This place looks ready to open from the outside!

100_1175 100_1174



Thanks for checking in on us this week.  We hope to have more good news next week!  See you then!

And now for an important announcement!

While we do not yet have an EXACT date,  we WILL be open before Thanksgiving, barring some catastrophic problem!



14 Responses to “October 24th Post”

  1. Johnny & Carolyn Jenkins Says:


  2. Larry & Renee Says:


  3. Letha King Says:

    Sounds great to me. Can’t open too soon.

  4. Chuck Blalock Says:

    I cannot wait to order my number 3 again! Man, hard to believe it has been closed for so long. Good to see the Blog though, helps keep our hopes high for future BEST MEXICAN FOOD IN PALESTINE!!!

  5. CR Says:


  6. stacy Says:

    Any pictures of the new wall mural?

  7. Charmaine Wilkinson Says:

    Im going to be one of the thousands standing at the windows looking in saying “open, open, open”. May even spend the night outside the door to be one of the first to come and try the all new Lobos Little Mexico.
    Hey, I know several who would come early and let you guys practice on us. The sacrifice would be well worth it! 🙂 Cant wait for the grand opening!

  8. Gayle Ray Says:

    Great to hear the good news!! The folks here in Buffalo NEED some Little Mexico food!! Can’t wait to see you again!

  9. Morgan Carroll Says:

    Yay! I’m so excited! I love Little Mexico. I remember eating there with my family when I was about 5 years old. Good memories. =)

  10. Tommy&Ellen Richardson Says:

    We are sooo looking forward to the day you open again! We”ve been having withdrawls ever since you closed.Before moving to Grapeland we would drive four hours to get to the Resturant before closing so we could once again enjoy that delicious food. It has been really nice to be able to visit you more frequently but we were saddened by the fire and closing . We know you have all been working hard and fast to get reopened and we appreciate that very much. We have our mouths set for mexican food but none will satisfy so we are holding out for Little Mexico! We love you! T.& E Richardson

  11. Kieth Davis Says:

    I sure miss you all. Love the Food!! I remember when I was in High School I was a cook in LM. Fond Memories too!! Godspeed!

  12. CaryBeth Jackson Says:

    Can’t wait for the opening!!! Too bad it won’t be open tuesday. ]= (That’s my birthday) You will have a lot of people on your hands, I’m sure of that! [=
    ~The Jackson 6

  13. Kay Rodell Says:

    So Exciting!!!! Countdown to eating at Little Mexico again!!!! YEAH

  14. ginger pate Says:

    I know my family cant hardly wait we are so hungry mexican food i know your very busy Please post of a future open date.my whole family will attend we are so ready tired of losing weight waiting ….lol hugs wishing yall nothing but the best

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