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October 30th Post

October 30, 2009


Hello to all our hungry faithful!  This week has been a study in frustration!  As much as possible, without electric service, things have been proceeding well.  Not many pictures to show you this week because we are, unfortunately, at a slowdown waiting on electricity.

Monday October 26th

The concrete restoration people arrive and begin to clean the floors in the dining area.  The crew from East Texas Fire Protection begins to install the fire suppression system above all the cooking areas in the vent-a-hoods.  The fire sprinkler crew continues their never-ending plumbing of their part of the fire suppression system for the entire building.  The plumbers are still connecting gas lines and faucets in all of the kitchen areas.

100_1182  100_1183


Tuesday October 27th

Cleaning in the dining area continues.  Equipment installation and fabrication in the kitchen area is ongoing.  Oncor removes the incorrect pole and sets the CORRECT size pole for our electrical service.  The final tiles are grouted in the customer restrooms.  East Texas Fire Protection continues their work on the hoods, and the roofing above the porch and the back doors is completed.  Lightfoot refrigeration works on finishing the connections to the walk in cooler and freezer so that, if we ever get electric service, they can fill them with refrigerant and test the systems.  The steam jacketed cooking kettles arrive and are put in place.  Randy and Pat Mannix are running wiring to the fire protection systems.

Wednesday October 28th

East Texas Fire Protection completes their installation of fire bottles and piping for the cooking areas, Lightfoot is still working on drain and refrigerant lines, Kirby restaurant supply is still fabricating stainless steel trim and fitment pieces for all of the equipment, Randy and Pat are still running wire to various pieces of equipment and tables, The crew acid etches the floors in the dining area, we are frantically working on restoring the stainless steel tables that we saved after the fire so that they are ready to move back in when the floors are completed.  WHEW! that was a long sentence.  Oh….we are still waiting for electric service!


Thursday October 29th

The floors have to dry thoroughly, then can be tinted and sealed.  Kirby is still fabricating, and….we are still waiting for electric service!  We take several of the management and wait staff to Tyler to familiarize ourselves and them with the new computerized order entry system.  Maybe we will have electricity tomorrow!

Friday October 30th

Kirby is still working on fabrication, they begin applying tint and sealer to the floors in the dining area, and ONCOR arrives to hook up the electricity!

100_1188 100_1189

100_1186 100_1187

OOOPS!  False alarm….the TXU administration sent the linemen the wrong configuration and transformers to hook us up today…maybe next week!

Thank you for reading and, thank you for being so patient.  We really appreciate all of you who take the time to check in on us every week.  Hopefully it won’t be long now.  Have a great weekend and be safe if you are going hunting or just working in the yard.  We want to see all of you when we re-open!  Also, since it is Halloween, watch out for trick or treaters.  Finally, don’t forget to set your clocks back one hour this weekend!  See you next week!