November 2nd Special Post



On The Two Hundred Twenty Third Day TXU Said:


And there was light!



Not long after that, the furniture started to come home!

100_1193 100_1194



Yes, it is very dusty but we can clean it up quick enough.  It just looks good to have it in the building again!  We wanted to post this quick update because, it has been a great Monday and, anyone driving by this evening and seeing the lights on might think we were open already.  Shouldn’t be long now!

Thanks for stopping by the blog to check on us.  If your friends missed it you now have one up on them.  See you later in the week!


13 Responses to “November 2nd Special Post”

  1. Frankston Friends Says:

    Thought we might get new soft benches to sit on, but the old ones will do. Place looks great we are ready. Let there be light, electricity is great makes things go so much better.

  2. Chuck Blalock Says:

    Looks like a good head of steam, even if it looks a little Bland with all that white on the walls. Kinda miss the BIRDS!

  3. Jay Sanford Says:


  4. Trish Smith Says:

    Dr. Mcfarlane will be very happy, as well as his staff 🙂

  5. Gary and Sharla Says:

    Finally! I thought I heard ya’ll shouting ‘hooray!” all the way over here in Cross Roads the other day! Honestly can’t wait to come eat there again. Thanksgiving is already booked with turkey, etc., but any other day is open!

  6. Luke Ward Says:

    Welcome back! I can’t wait to have my first Charos Dinner in months! God Bless you all and God Bless Israel.

  7. Sherry & Ray Kent Says:

    Can’t wait. Worth the drive back from Houston!

  8. MD Says:

    Still no posting of a definite opening date? Since I have to, I can wait.
    Just be sure to have plenty of hot sauce, chips, El Amigo dinners and sweet tea ready.

    Looking forward to seeing you,

    M D Ferguson

  9. Suzanne Fehrle/Mitchell Huff Says:

    Can’t wait to get back. We were two of the last people to order the night of the fire. Waiting for reopen date!!!

  10. Grapeland Crew Says:

    Can’t wait – have surely missed the place and especially the staff. It will be good to see everyone again

  11. Katy Coleman Hopper Says:

    Richard, I lovvvve this blog. Thank you! I can’t wait to take my little 6-month-old boy to LM for the first time!

  12. cindy Says:

    hey guys!!!can’t wait for you to re-open…been having withdrawal symptons in the worst kinda way!!! PLEASE HURRY!!! ;0 love ya’ll!!!!!! post an opening date soon please! love the progress pics and updates!

  13. The Bickham Family Says:

    We are excited and CAN NOT wait until you are open again. No matter where Phil’s job has taken us-all over TEXAS-Little Mexico has always been our treat and a trip we made often. The people and food kept us and will keep us returning again and again. Just hurry-we are looking forward to tasting our old favorites-and yes we even missed the benches and are glad to see them in the photos and hope to sit on them soon-very soon.

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