November 13th Post


Hello hungry folks!  Well, Friday the 13th has come and gone and it was certainly not unlucky for Little Mexico!  We have had a very productive week this week and today we took possession of the keys.  We are drawing ever closer to the goal line!  Below is a synopsis and a few photo highlights of the week just to tease you.  We have been so busy that there are not very many photos this week.  It won’t be long though and you will be able to see for your self!

Monday November 9th

We begin to receive deliveries of supplies for the first time since March 25th.  First items to arrive are the various hardware items like pans and utensils, glasses and plates.  Mrs. Janet Staples begins applying the wall art that will help to decorate the inside of the building.


100_1218 100_1217

Supplies begin arriving and are checked in…..looking good!

Tuesday November 10th

Supplies continue to arrive while finishing touches are applied to almost every nook and cranny of the building.  Brandon’s office in the kitchen is a focal point of activity as the computers and video equipment arrive and are hooked up all while we are trying to assemble his desk. (at one point there are six people in his 8 x 10 office)  Later in the day and, late into the evening, employees are coming by to practice on the computer system.  The washer and dryer are hooked up but, no one seems to know how to operate them!  Mrs. Staples continues to paint in the relative quiet of the waiting area.

100_1219 100_1220

This all looks like “Mission Control”…..Maybe we will launch a taco


100_1222  100_1223


Wednesday November 11th

We are saddened by the fact that this is the first Veteran’s Day that we have missed in many years.  It has been our pleasure to serve vets a free meal  on Veteran’s day for so long and, we really regret that we could not be there for them this year.  We ask that everyone take a moment to reflect on the sacrifice of so many that guard our freedom and our way of life.  At the restaurant, the final building inspection goes off without any problem!


Thursday November 12th

We spend the day moving the steel shelving that we salvaged from the fire back to the restaurant and into the storeroom because, more deliveries are on the way for tomorrow morning and, we still have not unpacked and put away the items from earlier in the week.  Mrs. Staples begins painting the mural on the back wall of the dining area.


Friday November 13th

Well, we have possession of all of the keys!  Brandon spends a long time in class learning how to operate “Mission Control”.  Coke installs brand new shiny coke machines.  Delivery trucks are lined up in a holding pattern reminiscent of DFW airport on the Friday before Christmas and the shelves are filling up, all of the computers are actually communicating with one another, “punch out” and trim work continues all over the building, the phones are all ringing off the wall, and late in the day you see Paul Harris leaning against a table with his hands in his pockets!  Guess he couldn’t find his golf clubs!  All of this means we are getting REALLY REALLY close!  They even re-stripe the parking lot just before dark.

100_1232   100_1225 

100_1224     100_1226



We have decided NOT to decide on an opening date!  There is a lot of training and practice still to be done before we open to the public.  The best guess is, that we WILL be open within the next ten days.  If you call and, we answer the phone, better pack up the car!  We are so excited that the time is almost here!  We are really looking forward to seeing all of you again and, we are so thankful for your patience and understanding throughout this long dry spell.  We will continue to keep the blog updated through the opening and, as customers arrive, you may even see yourself on here! 



5 Responses to “November 13th Post”

  1. Diann Norton Says:

    The Norton family is really getting excited. We are so far behind in
    celebrating birthdays. When you open, we are going to celebrate all
    the birthdays at one time!

  2. Tina Jobe Says:

    We are sooo excited on the progress that Little Mexico has made. Everyone looks great in the pictures and the place looks just as amazing as when it closed from the little next door place and this huge business opened. Anyway, I’ll keep calling but for someone that lives out of town and doesn’t drive by that often as we would like to, couldn’t we have just a little hint. My family would love to be there opening day. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE.

    See you in the next few days,

    Tina Jobe

  3. Sherry Miles Says:

    The Miles family is ready for some Little Mexico. Tacos, rice, hot sauce and chips, just the whole atmosphere. Hope Richard is ready because he will have a lot of folks to greet when you say OPEN. Can’t wait!

  4. Brenda Says:

    HURRY PLEASE The weather is cold and We need our fix……

  5. Tonya and Craig Says:

    When getting the fountain drink dispenser ready, make sure your formula for the Dr. Pepper does not change…you always had the BEST Dr. Pepper in the world! We are getting excited!

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