November 18th Post



Will post photos and more later when we get time.  Welcome back!


18 Responses to “November 18th Post”

  1. Matt Says:

    See you tomorrow! Its about an hour and 45 minute drive down there but I know it will be worth it~!

  2. Teri Says:

    YEA!!!!!!!!!! I’M READY TO EAT!!!!!!!!

  3. David & Betty Burton Says:

    We are super excited and will be looking forward to chips & hot sauce and gosh I don’t know what will be next … it’s been so long to catch up it will be know what to order first …


    DB & BB

  4. Laura Says:

    Was #4 on the list yesterday.. Enjoyed it so much.

  5. Charles H Jones Says:

    We are open now? I want to come to eat tonite. I can hardly wait.

  6. Kaysi F Says:

    Thank you!!!!The food was great and the place looks beautiful!!! We sure missed you!
    The Fox’s

  7. Johnnie Keeling Says:

    My family will be there around 5!!!!!!!! It has been way too long in coming.

  8. Dana Says:

    OH THANK GOODNESS! I have been counting the days!

  9. Johnny & Carolyn Jenkins Says:

    We are ready, but won’t be able to make it until Friday afternoon!

  10. Dale E. & Ernie B. Says:

    We will be there all the way from Fort Worth Texas. Can’t wait!!!

  11. Letha King Says:

    I’m excited that you are open. Though I haven’t been yet, I am told that it is beautiful inside! I’m looking forward to eating *real* food again!

  12. Sandy & George H Says:

    Congratulations on your re-opening. Out of the ashes, you have risen.

  13. Kathy Wilson Says:

    Will come to Palestine soon for the good food!!! A long journey for you and thanks for the updates.

  14. James, Nancy, Casey, & Laura Brown Says:

    Congratulations on your re-opening on Nov. 18, 2009. We ate there that evening and the food was outstanding. We’ve missed you guys. So glad you’re back. Great to have “good” mexican food again.

    James, Nancy, Casey & Laura Brown

  15. Andy & Sara Says:

    We were there today at 4:30, the door was locked! We called, no answer! Unbelievably disappointing, we were celebrating our wedding anniversary. Why would you post that you are open if you aren’t?

    • Andy & Sara Says:

      Our sincerest apologies for the confusion on our part in our original post. We have been awaiting the reopening of our “Little Mexico” restaurant here in Grand Rapids, Michigan after a fire last year. It is scheduled to reopen within the month, so we got confused thinking this was the same place (and following the blog). Just a very strange coincidence.

  16. Chuck and Denise Says:

    You are still the best! I have never seen or heard of a restaurant that people will wait for two hours to be seated….until now! It is an hour and forty five minute drive and we will be back soon!

  17. Matt Says:

    We came down for lunch today. The wait was about 45 minutes or so. Not too bad for Sunday at noon. The food was excellent the service was excellent and the restaurant looked great. Well worth the wait and the 1 1/2 hour drive!

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