November 21st Post



Hello everyone!  We finally got a few hours to give you an update and post a few random photos from opening day.  There are even a few cell phone pics in here!  We are so very thankful and humbled by the response from our extended community that words cannot express our gratitude.  We hoped that people would have patience with this long process and that, when we opened, they would still come back.  We NEVER could have expected the response that we got!  We love all of you and are so very grateful for your support, thoughts, and prayers throughout our time of rebuild.  This week has been literally like finding long lost family members!  As time permits in the coming weeks we plan to post a “contractor page” so you will know who we thank for the incredible rebuild job that has been done.  We also want to acknowledge the terrific job done by our local firefighters and the professionalism and cooperation of our city government and officials.  We again want to remind you so that you can plan accordingly that, we WILL NOT be closing down for the holidays this year.  We will be closed Thanksgiving day, Christmas day and, New Years day only!  Hope you enjoy the photos and have a blessed and safe Thanksgiving day !


100_1233  100_1234



100_1236  100_1237


100_1239Our Very First customers!  


100_1240 100_1241



100_1246   100_1249

100_1250 100_1253



100_1251 100_1254

We look forward to seeing you soon !!!!!!


4 Responses to “November 21st Post”

  1. PewatottRow Says:

    Great blogpost, good looking blog, added it to my favorites.

  2. Betty & David Says:

    We came we ate we enjoyed CHIPS N’ HOT SAUCE & Then we ate great Food at East Texas Best ……

    Happy Days R Here Again ….

    B & D

  3. Christian Hernandez Says:

    Hey guys i wuz looking at the picture and everything looks nice brings back memories! Ya’ll are doing a great job keep it up maybe i’ll go visit soon miss the delicious food. Do ya’ll still have sweets (candy)? Well take care bye

    Christian H ❤

  4. Jeannie Says:

    I am sooooo excited to see Little Mexico back open. I don’t care that you are 1 1/2 hours away I am coming to get the BEST food in the world!!!

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