December 21st Post


Hello readers!  Well, it has been a long dry spell!  We are sorry to be so long between posts but, if you have visited, you know how wonderfully busy we have been.  This post ,as promised, has photos of kids in p.j.s after riding “THE POLAR EXPRESS” at the Texas State Railroad.  We also had a visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus and there are photos of delighted kids to show you.  This post also represents a significant change for us.  For so many months we have been keeping you updated on the rebuilding progress and the re-opening.  We will now shift gears to highlight our customers and events in our community that involve Little Mexico.  We will try to keep it interesting and fun though we probably will not be posting as often.  As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions and, we hope to see all of you in person as often as possible!  Here then are the photos from our favorite time of year.  We wish all of you the Very Merriest Christmas and a blessed new year.

Just a quick reminder:  We will NOT be closing for the holidays so bring your family members to enjoy some non-turkey with us!  We will only be closed on Christmas day and New Years day and we are closing after lunch on Christmas eve.


100_1257  100_1259

100_1258 100_1264



100_1262 100_1263

For more information on THE POLAR EXPRESS visit their website here:

Now “Santa’s Visit”

100_1268 100_1269


100_1275  100_1272

100_1273 100_1274

100_1270Santa Gets A Little Help With His “Naughty and Nice” list!



One Response to “December 21st Post”

  1. Jason Watts Says:

    Wow! I wish I’d known about this blog while all the demolition/reconstruction was going on. I saw the link on the picture on the mantle at the restaurant last night. I’ve just read through the entire thing. All the pictures were great! I drive by Little Mexico everyday on my way to work, so I got to see the progress from the outside.

    I got to eat at L.M. on Nov 19th, your second day back. It was, and still is, my favorite place to eat. I have friends from college that live in Nashville, TN that get to visit me every few years and Little Mexico is always on top of their list of places to go when they are here.

    In reading through the blog, I never did see anything regarding what caused the fire. It may have been in the comments, but I didn’t read all of those. Do you guys know what happened?

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