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January 16th Post

January 16, 2010


Hello again!  Well, it has been quite a while since our last post.  As you know, if you have had an opportunity to visit, we are still very busy.  It is beginning to slow down somewhat though.  The big news is that we are now taking to go orders if you are in the restaurant.  We hope to be able to take orders over the phone by the beginning of the month.  The recent sub freezing temperatures put a real test on the new insulation and heating systems and everything worked well.  We did find a few air leaks around some of the windows but, they were re-caulked and that solved the problem.  Every week there are people coming in for their first visit since the re-opening and remarking on the great job that our contractors did.  We think so also!  If you have not been in yet because of long waiting times, now is your opportunity!  The waiting times have decreased dramatically now and, between 2:30pm and 4pm most days there will be no waiting!  As promised, below you will find photos taken between Christmas and New Year’s day of one family’s visit from their son who was home on leave from the Middle East.  We were glad we could be open and be a part of their holidays!



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If you have a family event that we can help you celebrate, we are happy to oblige!  Just let us know and we will gladly post it for everyone to enjoy!  Until next time, we look forward to seeing you and serving your Mexican food needs!