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February 15th Post

February 16, 2010


Hello everyone

Sorry it has been such a long time since we posted.  We have been staying very busy and we have all of you to thank for that.  We can not believe how wonderful the response has been to our re-opening after the fire!  It seems that every day we are hearing from our customers that it is their first visit back since the re-opening.  We are extremely thankful for every single person that visits and, we hope that all of them enjoy the experience!  We have been taking carry out orders again if you walk in or come to the carry out window.  We hope to have the phones turned on for phone in orders within the next couple of weeks.  Things will truly be back to normal when that happens!  The photos we have for you this time include the wedding rehearsal dinner of one of our ex-employees that worked for us when she was in high school several years ago.  We were delighted and honored that she chose to celebrate with us!  There are also a few pics of the recent snow event here in Palestine.  Our customers that night started a snowball fight in the front parking lot!  What a rare and pretty sight, though it proved to be short lived, and caused some problematic driving conditions the next morning!


100_1284  100_1285


100_1288  100_1289


Here are the Bride To Be and one of her best friends when they worked for us in 2003 and Today!  Not much has changed! 

A&K_cactus 100_1290

                        THEN                                               NOW


Now a few snow pictures!

100_1299 100_1300

100_1301 100_1303

Our employees just could not resist going outside!

100_1298 100_1302 100_1305

100_1306 100_1307

Well, that’s all for now!   As always, if you have a special event that we can help with or publish for you, just let us know!  Thanks for visiting and taking the time to read this!  We hope to see you again soon!