March 25th Post


Hello Again!  Well, it has been ONE YEAR since the fire.  It is hard for us to believe that it has been a full year since fire devastated Little Mexico but, 365 days have indeed passed.  As we go through our daily activities we reflect on what a strange year it has been.  The phone calls notifying us that there was a fire, standing there helplessly and watching as it burned, the months of waiting while investigators tried to determine the cause and then watching the contractors rebuild us.  The anticipation as re-opening day approached and the nervousness as to whether we were really ready after our long hiatus.  And finally, the incredible response from our wonderful customers who made us feel welcome back in such record setting numbers!  Below we have put a few photos of THEN and NOW.  We look forward to the next year with a much brighter spirit and, we hope to see all of you many times in the coming months.  Thank all of you again for your support and prayers.  See you soon!

100_0404 (2)   100_1351

n1441624393_30294097_819811 100_1352


n1441624393_30294102_5163771 100_1355


100_0409 100_1347


100_0415 100_1348


100_0410 100_1346


DSCF0331 100_1350


Breakroom 100_1354


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