May 14th Post

Hello faithful readers.  Those of you who have hung in there with us to see if anything new was posted….We salute you!  While there has been a great deal of normal day to day activity at Little Mexico over the past months, We have not had a lot to post that we felt was newsworthy.  It is “Prom Season”,however, and several of our employees enjoyed that High School “rite of passage” so, we thought we should share their photos with you.  In business news, we are now accepting phone-in orders!  You can place your order by dialing 903-723-3143.  Check back in with us after May 24th to see the photos from our “Celebrity Waiter” night to benefit the Palestine Library Friends.  There are sure to be some interesting photos of Judge Bascom Bentley and Dr. Thomas Wallis just to name a couple of faces to be seen waiting tables that night.  If you want to be a part of the fun, just come to Little Mexico on Monday evening May 24th starting at 5pm to see how well they do!  We are looking forward to it!  Okay, Here are the photos from Prom!  We will see you soon and thanks again for dropping by the blog!

100_1394 100_1396

         Adriana and Kevi                        Amanda



100_1395                                Edgar and Cristina


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