May 29th Post

Hello Readers!  As promised, we have the photos from the celebrity waiter event benefitting the Palestine Library.  If you made it to the event, you already know how much fun we had and, how hard the celebrities worked!  The celebrities really took it seriously and worked very hard to give their customers great service.  Everyone had a great time and ate plenty of Mexican food! Below are some photos from the event.

100_1397                   It all started with a pre-game briefing!


100_1399  100_1400

100_1401 100_1405


100_1404  Judge Parsons gets some help determining which buttons to press! 

100_1406     Sheriff Taylor gets his customer’s food ready to go to the table.


100_1407 100_1408

100_1410 100_1411

                       Doctor Wallis was a big hit with his customers!

100_1412Mayor Bob Herrington used a professional touch to serve sour cream!

100_1413  100_1414

100_1415        The end of service for the night and a tired but happy crew!


As you can see from the photos, We had a TERRIFIC substitute wait staff who did an excellent job!  To see more photos from the evening, check out the Palestine Herald Press web site at !  Thanks for stopping by!


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